Improving digital solutions in health institutions

Learn how we help this healthtech company to accelerate their roadmap and deliver better solutions to health institutions.

Client overview

This case involves a large company in the healthcare industry. They are located in New York, with operations that span the US. Their business is providing technological services that optimize management and administration to large companies and health institutions.

The challenge

Their existing system was disorganized and decentralized, lacking integration of records and functionality, as well as basic communication. The company needed a software build to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and organize and centralize data.

New York
Working time:
Since 2018


Our team embarked on a mission to seamlessly integrate a diverse array of users, encompassing doctors, caregivers, administrators, and patients, within a comprehensive software system offering a multitude of essential functions. These functionalities spanned crucial areas such as file management, appointment scheduling, patient oversight, insurance management, authorization processing, and document digitization.

In crafting our solution, we went beyond the basics. Not only does our system proficiently handle the aforementioned tasks, but it also fosters ongoing communication with patients across varied care settings: from centralized care facilities and hospitals to independent clinics, and even for those receiving care within the comfort of their homes.

Recognizing the intricate financial aspects of healthcare management, we equipped our platform with robust features for streamlined payment processing and insurance handling. Moreover, healthcare providers can leverage timestamping capabilities to enhance their record-keeping practices significantly.

In addition to these core functionalities, we seamlessly integrated marketing tools, empowering our clients to monitor website traffic and effectively convert visitors into active patients. This holistic approach ensures not only operational efficiency but also supports the growth and sustainability of healthcare practices in a dynamic digital landscape.

In the words of our clients:

“The client is happy with Creek Software’s services. The developers they provide are of high quality, and they accomplish tasks quickly. They’re also responsive, proving that their communication skills are great. Their customer service is also praised. Overall, the engagement has been a success.”

Software Engineer, Healthtech company