Transforming habits with an innovative meal reminder app

Revolutionizing Health Habits: How a Meal Reminder App Transformed Thousands of Lives.

Client overview

Our client is a meal reminder app designed to empower users in achieving their health and wellness goals effortlessly. With customizable meal schedules based on both days of the week and specific dates, users can effortlessly plan their meals for any occasion, whether it's a regular weekday routine or a special holiday feast. This app goes beyond basic scheduling, offering three types of scheduling options to suit individual preferences, allowing users to turn schedules on and off as needed with ease.

Working time:
Since 2019

Our Work

When creating this app, Creek Software embarked on a comprehensive journey of innovation and collaboration.

Leveraging our expertise in iOS app development, we meticulously crafted a user-friendly interface and seamless user experience.

Our nearshore mobile app development team worked tirelessly, employing agile methodologies to iteratively build and refine the app's features, ensuring it met the highest standards of quality and functionality. From designing customizable meal schedules to implementing unique features like weigh-in record keeping and water tracking, every aspect of the app was carefully crafted to empower users in their pursuit of healthier lifestyles.

Through close collaboration with our clients and a commitment to excellence, we brought this transformative app to fruition, marking another successful milestone in our journey of delivering cutting-edge mobile solutions.


  • 4.7 out of 5, with 6.6K Ratings on App Store
  • Continuous development (We are now in Version 1.8.3)
  • You can create meal schedules based on the day of the week
  • Set when and how many reminders you would like before and after a scheduled meal.
  • Keeps tracks of your weight loss progress with a weigh-in record keeper (Auto Saved on the cloud).