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Success Case - Retail


Aluminyze is a New York-based company that specializes in printing art on large aluminum sheets.

The Challenge

The company required a highly customized website, the development of native apps and needed their entire system moved to the cloud.



What we did

Cloud - Microsoft Azure

Website Development

Mobile Development

UI/UX Design

Working time

Since 2016


New York City, New York

Our company spent years looking for the right software company that would meet our needs. We spent countless hours and resources researching and trying out different companies whom did not meet our expectations. Once we stumbled upon CreekSoftware it was all a breeze. They have a team of dedicated developers who care about your business and its success. They are continuously coming up with ideas on how to improve our technology from our transactional website, internal system to our mobile apps.

Shmuel Lokshin, CEO

Our solution

We modernized Aluminyze’s software and moved their system to the cloud (Azure).

Aluminyze now has a customized website and fulfillment system to manage all website orders. Additionally, we built native apps for Android, iOS and a cross-platform app using Flutter.

We have been working with them since 2014, sometimes with as many as four developers.

Please check out the Aluminyze website we built end to end




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