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Success Case - Healthcare Industry


This case involves a large company in the healthcare industry. They are located in New York, with operations that span the US. Their business is providing technological services that optimize management and administration to large companies and health institutions.

The Challenge

Their existing system was disorganized and decentralized, lacking integration of records and functionality, as well as basic communication. The company needed a software build to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and organize and centralize data.


Health & Care

What we did

Text messaging platform

Mobile Development

Website Development

API Integration

Working time

Since 2018


New York City, New York

The client is happy with Creek Software’s services. The developers they provide are of high quality, and they accomplish tasks quickly. They’re also responsive, proving that their communication skills are great. Their customer service is also praised. Overall, the engagement has been a success.

Software Engineer, Healthcare Company

Our solution

Our team found the system needed to integrate a multitude of different users (doctors, caregivers, administrators, patients) and offer a range of functions. Those functions included file management, appointments, patient management, insurance, authorizations and document digitization.

The system we built can do all of the aforementioned as well as keep lines of communication open with patients in various facilities: care centers and hospitals, independent clinics—even those who are being cared for at home.

We also included financial functions, allowing for payment and insurance collection. Healthcare providers can also timestamp their data to improve record keeping. Finally, marketing functionality was integrated to monitor each web visitor and convert them into an official patient.




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