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Success Case - Automotive


Hontex GP is an automatic industry company that provides car dealerships with search-by-payment functionality. They are located in Texas, with operations throughout the US.

The Challenge

Their primary struggle was decentralization and a lack of integration in requirements and systems’ records.

They needed custom software using cloud computing platforms and APIs. Their UI/UX Design also needed development.



What we did

Text messaging platform

Mobile Development

Website Development

API Integration

Working time

Since 2013


Texas, United States

Capable of generating progressive strategies and solutions, Creek Software has significantly improved the client's UX, revenue, and digital presence with their highly accurate and robust deliverables. Their inventive and ethical approach paves the way for a marketable and longstanding engagement.

Jerry Thompson, CEO

Our solution

We built a front-end sit that can be integrated as a Lightbox on the dealer’s website, while processing inventory on the back-end in order to produce quotes for leases and loads available for each vehicle. Hontex technology is hosted in AWS, using Elasticsearch.

The system integrates the different users (doctors, caregivers, administrators, patients) and offers a multiplicity of functions.

Some of its functions are the management of files, appointments, patient management, insurance, authorizations and document digitization.

Additionally, it can be used for the control and communication with patients in different functionalities: for those who are in care centers or hospitals, and patients who are cared for at home or in independent clinics.

It include financial functions and payments for appointments and insurance collections, including time records for health care providers.

Today, it is fully functional, with significant daily operations flow. We continue to work with Hontex, applying upgrades and performing maintenance.




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