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What's included?

Besides all the advantages of working with nearshore talent, such as sharing time zones and cultural affinity, all of our services include the following key features:

Vetted Developers

The right talent matched to your project. Rigorous testing for technical, logical, and soft-skill abilities.

Transparent Communication

Ensures alignment of expectations, processes, and resources. Avoid any surprises.

Full Reporting & Time Tracking

Get full visibility and control with our advanced reporting & time-tracking tools.

Reduce Talent Attrition

Ongoing strategies to manage attrition risk. Experience why we get a 90% talent retention rate among senior devs.

Career Growth & Training

We assign a dedicated budget for individual training, guaranteeing expertise in the latest technologies.

English Speaking Talent

All our developers and administrative staff have a proficient level of English.

Global Payroll & HR Services

Hassle-free nearshore team management so you can focus on your core business.

Avoid slow hiring processes

Recruitment is time-consuming. We help you to assemble the ideal team avoiding hiring delays.

Case Studies

Our success stories

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Modernizing Aluminyze's software and moving their system to the cloud

Discover how our nearshore software team revolutionized Aluminyze's operations with a custom software development, native apps and moving them to the cloud (Azure).

Improving digital solutions in health institutions

Learn how we help this healthtech company to accelerate their roadmap and deliver better solutions to health institutions.

Providing car dealerships with search-by-payment functionality

Discover how we help Hontex GP to adopt cloud computing platforms and deliver new functionalities to end users.

Transforming habits with an innovative meal reminder app

Revolutionizing Health Habits: How a Meal Reminder App Transformed Thousands of Lives.

Let's assemble your team

Accelerate your digital growth with our vetted tech talent from Latin America and let's create new scalable and flexible software solutions

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