About us

A software company with a human touch.

Our culture

Customer Satisfaction

We strongly believe that the best way to advertise our services is a satisfied customer.

Teamwork and Communication

We collaborate with our clients to ensure we are creating the right product and building it in the best way.


By working as a team with our clients, we are able to focus on the most efficient uses of our time and resources.


We employ the best development processes, solid understanding of industry best practices, and our vast experience to produce technical excellence and good design.

Our People

Our team is made up of highly skilled talent with years of experience in software development. We cultivate a work environment that allows our team to enhance their knowledge to better assist our clients.

Continuos Improvement

We constantly evaluate our development process to improve the quality of our services and products.


The trust of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. As such, we guarantee our software and provide any necessary maintenance.


We value honesty and maintain integrity in everything we do.

About Creek Software

Unlock your digital growth with our expert team

Our elite team of software professionals boasts an average of 18 years of experience, surpassing industry standards. This unparalleled level of expertise ensures top-notch solutions that stand out in a crowded market.

Boutique service for your unique needs

Quality over Quantity: Experience personalized service with our boutique approach. With a compact team of 20 members, including accessible board members and our CEO, we prioritize quality interactions that go beyond traditional client-vendor relationships.

Long-Term Partnership Focus

We're committed to lasting relationships, not just one-off projects. Our focus on long-term partnerships, evidenced by an average client relationship of over 4 years with US-based clients, ensures a strategic alliance aimed at sustained success.

Our Work

Our latest projects

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Modernizing Aluminyze's software and moving their system to the cloud

Discover how our nearshore software team revolutionized Aluminyze's operations with a custom software development, native apps and moving them to the cloud (Azure).

Improving digital solutions in health institutions

Learn how we help this healthtech company to accelerate their roadmap and deliver better solutions to health institutions.

Providing car dealerships with search-by-payment functionality

Discover how we help Hontex GP to adopt cloud computing platforms and deliver new functionalities to end users.

Transforming habits with an innovative meal reminder app

Revolutionizing Health Habits: How a Meal Reminder App Transformed Thousands of Lives.