We manage every aspect of the software process on your behalf

Unlock your business's full potential by outsourcing your software needs to us. With our comprehensive software outsourcing services, you can concentrate on your core operations while we manage the entire software development life cycle – from planning, design, and user validations to development, testing, and seamless launch. Trust us to handle the technical complexities, allowing you to drive your business forward with confidence and efficiency.

Average years of experience among our software developers.
Average client relationship of over 4 years. Yes, we build strong partnerships.
Outsource your software life cycle for streamlined operations, allowing focus on your core business activities while we handle design, development, testing, and launch seamlessly.

How do we help you grow?

By opting for software development outsourcing, companies can accelerate their technology roadmap by offloading all or part of the development to a third party.

It's not about just coding, it's all about understanding your end-user's needs and business goals. A cross-functional team will handle the end-to-end product life cycle to build adaptable and flexible solutions.

Unlock your digital growth!

— We understand it's not just about code

In software development, we know we need to do the thing right, but we also need to solve the right thing. With our UX designers, we ensure to solve your end-user's real needs.

— Transparent communication

Get full visibility and control. Transparent reporting and time tracking tools. Ensures alignment of expectations, processes, and resources. Get a dedicated Delivery Manager and avoid any surprises.

— We offer cross-functional expertise  

Delivering good software is the result of working with UX Designers, software developers, QA specialists, project managers, DevOps engineers, and of course, co-creating value with our clients and users. At Creek, we help you to design the right setup, hire the right talent, and deliver the right results.

Our Work

Our latest projects

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Modernizing Aluminyze's software and moving their system to the cloud

Discover how our nearshore software team revolutionized Aluminyze's operations with a custom software development, native apps and moving them to the cloud (Azure).

Transforming habits with an innovative meal reminder app

Revolutionizing Health Habits: How a Meal Reminder App Transformed Thousands of Lives.

Providing car dealerships with search-by-payment functionality

Discover how we help Hontex GP to adopt cloud computing platforms and deliver new functionalities to end users.

Improving digital solutions in health institutions

Learn how we help this healthtech company to accelerate their roadmap and deliver better solutions to health institutions.

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Accelerate your digital growth with our vetted tech talent from Latin America and let's create new scalable and flexible software solutions

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